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 a "Teddy Bear" cut before & after, the body is cut shorter than the legs and the legs are entirely hand scissored making this an example of a specialty cut.

a-la-carte' services

Nail Filing Removes the sharp edges of the nail & enables the groomer to get your dog's nails as short as possible. $15 with groom/$32 a-la-carte'
Nail Clipping Should be done every 30 days to help avoid the quick from growing included at no charge with all baths

$0 with groom/$22 a-la-carte'

Anal Sac Expressing Prevents impacting and infection, automatically checked and included at no charge with all baths $15

Removes the day's accumulation, preloaded toothbrushes are available for purchase for at home follow-up.

Undercoat Removal Recommended for dogs with multiple coats to help skin stay healthy and reduce shedding $1 per minute
Hot Oil Treatment Great for dogs with dry, flaky skin from constant exposure to air conditioning or winter heaters $20
South Bark's Blueberry Facial Shampoo All natural, coat brightening shampoo & conditioner, safe even for puppies and facial area $12
Oatmella Shampoo All natural shampoo with oatmeal, melaleuca, and aloe to sooth irritated or itchy skin. So gentle, it can be used several times a week to help dogs with pollen allergy issues $0
Skin Relief Shampoo A medicated shampoo that relieves dry, flaky, itchy skin with a relaxing 10 minute soaking bath $10
Specialty Cuts Such as the "Lamb Cut" for Poodles, mowhawks, clean feet (shaved close as a Poodle's feet), foo-man-chu, Asian Flair, etc. starting at $20 +
Face or Edging Trim To neaten the face, or trim the underbelly or feathers $10 per section
Feather Extensions The perfect finishing touch that lasts for weeks under normal conditions $8 per feather
Temporary Chalking Non-toxic chalking to add just a touch of color for that special occasion or just a fun look, washes out easily or may wear off in a day or two. $2 per section
Small Semi-Permanent Tatoo Non-toxic doggie hair paint in a pattern of your choice. Lasts up to 2 weeks under normal conditions. Will not wash out in the rain. If you just want a section, like ears or tail in a color ask for pricing. $5
Medium Semi-Permanent Hair Color Non-toxic doggie hair paint in a pattern of your choice. Certain sections of your dog may be colored, just ask your groomer for specific pricing for the portion you want colored. $7
Large Semi-Permanent Hair Color Non-toxic doggie hair paint in a pattern of your choice. We can also do full body or partial body coloring for special events. $10
Multiple colors The Ultimate look for the dog with a flair for some real style to make the tatoo look really special or choose multi-colored sections or full body coloring for a real attention getter! $20


We will be happy to quote you a price for your dog's bath or haircut over the phone, but remember a lot depends on the condition, length, and density of your dog's coat.


If your dogs could dial the phone, they'd call for their appointment today!




We strictly enforce our 48 hour cancellation notice. Last minute cancellations or no shows will incur a 50% of service expected on the next bill.


Charges for picking your dog up after hours without making prior arrangements with your groomer will incur a fee of $1 per minute.

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